Computer Care & Service

Did you know that your computer is similar to a vehicle in that it requires scheduled maintenance. Computer systems have moving parts and will start to fail over time. We will maintain, clean and repair your computer systems and network equipment to ensure your business and home systems runs smoothly.

New Computer Purchase

Has your computer finally checked it’s last email or served it’s last webpage? We know that buying a new system can be intimidating. After all, a lot has probably changed in the years since you’ve last bought one. We’ll help figure out your needs, then research new computers with you. When you’re ready to buy, we’ll hook it up and get it ready to go.
We don’t sell computers ourselves, so you know that there’s no reason for us to pressure you one way or the other. You’ll get exactly the machine you need.

New Computer Build

If a top end gaming machine is your thing, or you require some customization in a computer then we can order the parts and build the machine ourselves. This allows you full control over your machine, from how much space you need to how fast you want it to go. We’ll only charge for parts and the time spent putting them together, not for the time spent figuring out which parts will work best for you.

Training and Coaching

We find it funny how many computer repair companies charge extra for training and coaching. Almost like they don’t want to talk to you. Our technicians like talking to you. So there’s no charge above our normal hourly rate. Why should there be?